Please tell me it only gets better from here…

He wanted to come over last night and watch a movie with me. For no reason. A Thursday.

First of all. Normally, he goes out to the pub on Thursdays with ‘the lads’. And I don’t mind, sometimes I go with them. But most times it’s just the lads, and they mostly just talk about sports whether I’m there or not. Second of all. We never ever really saw each other during the week… usually on the weekend.

So it was a real bummer for me when I had to tell him that I was too tired, and also because I haven’t been sleeping well all week that it’d be best he didn’t spend the night or I might keep him up.

Of course, this is probably a result of the fact that he’s going away on Sunday and we would normally see each other on Sunday as well but what made it better was that he didn’t give up after that. He then suggested that he come collect me from my house for work in the morning. It was really nice of him, and even nicer that he wanted to do it because he knew I would be sad about not seeing him on Sunday. *sigh*

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  2. The trials and tribulations of relationships before marriage! I need a day with the guys. Since I’ve been married, I hardly see any of the boys anymore. 🙁

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