Pretty boring…

My life consists of school, work and going out with my girlfriends on the weekends and the odd birthday party here and there. I suppose my weekends aren’t that boring but considering how exhausted I get because of it and my week days are end up being pretty shit and I get real cranky all week long.

I’m working a lot because I need to save lots and lots of money for if my plans to move to Dublin do happen, but the downfall is that because of the time difference I haven’t been able to talk to him that much. I was able to talk to him yesterday, for a little bit before work… but that didn’t cheer me up that much. It did put a smile on my face to get a text message from him after work though…

Oh and my PK CD finally arrived this afternoon!! I love it! I’m probably going to listen to it all the time now… like I did with John Mayer after I first discovered him early this summer. I just wish I could replace my nano that got stolen, but that’s one of the things I’m saving up for.

I’ll try and write a more detailed entry about the CD soon, but for now I’ve to get ready for work!! yikes! Lookit the time!

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