Proactiv® helped get rid of my pimples!

No really it did! And again, this isn’t a paid post.

I used to have really bad acne when I was a teenager. I also suffered from combination1 skin so I had to wash my face at least twice a day and moisturize each time. I also had to make sure I always had plenty of pimple zapper gel or cream around. For years, that was all I needed.

Travelling between Toronto and Dublin’s climates must have messed up my skin’s PH balance2 because I started breaking out like crazy. Nothing that I did seemed to get rid of them. I kept seeing these ads for Proactiv® solution3 and I decided I needed to change to a 3 step system too.

So I went out and bought some toner. I didn’t splurge; and I kept in line with the products I had already been using4. And it worked like a charm! And now, evertime I see those ads I’m so grateful I listened and switched to a 3 step system for battling pimples: wash, toner, and moisturizer. I still have to use pimple gel/cream sometimes but I’ve noticed that it seems to be more effective since I’ve started using toner.

And here I used to think it was just water.

What’s your ‘beauty/daily5 routine’ like?

  1. but rather oily[]
  2. or something[]
  3. you know the ones, with Jennifer Love Hewitt?[]
  4. Garnier Skin Naturals[]
  5. for the men who might not respond to the word beauty[]

responses to “Proactiv® helped get rid of my pimples!” 8

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  2. So apparently, my title was very misleading… lol I’ve never actaully used proactiv. I was being sarcastic… lol Sorry guys!

    @Haley: lol I’ve never actually used proactiv. But a friend of mine really loves it!

    @Peri: Tea Tree oil… or what did you call it on twitter this AM? I’m good with my current routine!

    @Mona(Rebellious): Yeah, that’s why I never really trusted their ads. hehe

    @Lisa: That sounds like a great routine! I wish I could do that, it sounds so pure!!

    @Monica: Hello darling! You do NOT look old enough to have kids who use Proactiv!?!

    @Michael: LOL I got a mental picture of that!

  3. Really? I’ve been thinking about trying it out… but I just saw a comment here about Tea Tree oil, so maybe I’ll try that too! 🙂

    My daily routine is simply warm water & a face cloth, morning and night 🙂 I still have to moisturize in the mornings tho.

    Lisa365s latest..a cheery bunch

  4. I tried it once for a few days and no effect at all. I think it depends where the pimples are at, and what kind they are. There are several kinds it seems, and proactive doesn’t work on all of them.

  5. I haven’t used Proactive, but have tried lots of other OTC stuff. Had a stint with tetracycline Rx’d by a dermatologist which worked.

    Gotta say though, Tea Tree Oil is awesome. It’s relatively inexpensive but works dammit — and is only topical.

    Periapexs latest..An Example of Imperfection.

  6. I love Proactive, too. I’ve been fighting breakouts since I was too young be breaking out, and even though my complexion has gotten better since my teen years, I still have to be vigilant. Proactive keeps my breakouts under control, so must people don’t realize that I struggle with my complexion. I love Proactive (and this isn’t a paid comment).

    haleyhughess latest..13 Things: Brain Dump

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