So much to blog about, so little time.

As I mentioned on Choclat Covered Imperfections’ recent post, I keep a little notepad beside my mousepad and a pen to write down ideas for blog posts as they come to me. And I’m running out of paper. Between working a full time job, trying to get 6-7 hours sleep, a few hours here and there for meals and vegging out watching CSI, dropping cards on xentrecardx, searching for good blogs to advertise on (also on xentrecardx), and browsing ‘my people’ (my favourite blogs)… it’s really tough to find time to write some quality posts. Not that I’m complaining but I have the opposite problem to what most people complain about: I have too many topics that I want to write about.

WritingI’ve contemplated doing themed days, but I feel that it would just limit me more. In fact, when I first started seeing an increase in readership I found I wanted to post twice a day. But this last week, I decided to try and post less frequently… I don’t like it. My list of ‘topics to blog about’ has gotten all backed up and now I have to scramble to get them all out. I have to scramble because I’m planning on living it up this weekend which means I won’t be able to keep a close eye on when my schedule posts actually come out.

The problem I have with scheduled posting is that I don’t want the po sts to come out at the exact same time everyday, but when you’re trying to schedule two, maybe three weeks in advance you have to remember to put some buffer time in. What’s the buffer time for? It’s just in case a topic comes out that’s a right-here-right-now topic and you can’t wait two weeks for the post to go live. But I think my main issue is that I need to find the delicate balance between dropping cards, browsing my favourite blogs, and updating my own blog.

How do you find balance?

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