Social-lite in the fast lane

Speeding lights

The thing I’ve liked the most about my life for the last month is being connected with people, but it’s also what I find the most exhausting part of my life for the last month. Not too long ago I remember complaining about not having friends (perhaps not out loud – but I know I did) and now the phrase, “be careful what you ask for” keeps ringing in my head.

Of course I love having a social life, and I’m in no way complaining. I just wonder why it is that I yearn for a pumping social life but then when it happens all I want is a nice quiet home life. I’m glad though that my social life is in a phase where I’m sure my friends will understand if I ‘just don’t feel like it’. At the beginning, I used to agree to anything and everything because I didn’t want to offend anyone and risk no longer getting invited out.

Now, if only I could get all my friends in one city for long enough to have a life with them. I apologise for being vague… I’m not sure if it’s jet lag or something else but my mind is a big jumble that needs to be sorted out.

Thanks to Ate xMaeyox, xMichaelx, xEricax, and xMoniquex for the warm welcome home!!

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  1. Michael – I’m sure you’re right… except right now all I want is my rest!

    Peri – Thanks 🙂 I’m trying to get back into it. The lag in responses is kinda killing my buzz though.

    Erica – I can’t even go clubbing anymore! I get so cranky!!

    Haley – Thanks 🙂 I can’t wait till I can get that kind of balance!! Kudos to you guys!

    Canucklehead – lol you crazy. What’s with the entrecard ad thing btw???

  2. Put me down with the ‘welcome home’ crew above … well, don’t actually put me down but … meh, go ahead.

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  3. Welcome home. As Periapex said, your Tweets were missed.

    A few years ago, my husband and I were so busy all the time, I had to schedule weekend nights at home just for my sanity. Now we’ve slowed down and achieved a more happy balance. It’s nice to have time to be spontaneous or lazy again, instead of having to plan everything out weeks in advance.

    haleyhughess last blog post..Linky love

  4. Be careful what you ask for is right! I often lament that I don’t go out much, but last weekend I went out clubbing Friday and Saturday and now I’m exhausted. Crap – I’m getting old!

    Ericas last blog post..New Kitten!

  5. Hey! Welcome back. Missed your tweets…

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