Best friend

Central Park TrioWhat does it mean to be a best friend? It means sharing everything, right down to your last thoughts of the day. It means knowing that when you’re home on a Friday night, there will be someone available to call and invite over for a last minute movie. It means that no matter how stupid, you’ll know someone will listen to your whining.

Being someone’s best friend doesn’t mean thinking they’re the best person all the time. It doesn’t mean that you’ll always agree with them either. It doesn’t mean that you’ll always like her choice for a boyfriend. But it does mean that she can always count on you to1 be there for her.

As I grew older, I realised what I had been doing wrong all this time when looking for a ‘best friend’, I was looking for someone I could stand to be with at all times. Someone I’d never fight with, or have to fight with. But obviously, that’s impossible… being bestfriends is not about being able to avoid arguments, its still being there even after things take a turn for the worse.

We haven’t quite we’ve found each other yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ve already met. There are a few contenders, and I’m not limiting myself to one, I’m just glad I’ve finally realised what it means to be or have a bestfriend. I used to think it was as easy as growing up with someone and having something in common2 with them. But I now know that like anything that is worthwhile it requires work, dedication, and determination.

I’m sure there are many reasons my life has turned out the way that it has, and I’d like to think that the reason I focused so much on ‘boys’ when I was younger was because I wasn’t ready for a responsibility as big as keeping a bestfriend. I may be too ‘old’ to have come to this realisation, but I know I’m ready.

Do you have a bestfriend? How long have you been bestfriends? What makes that person your bestfriend? Will you be bestfriends forever?3

  1. really[]
  2. together[]
  3. tee hee sorry I couldn’t resist[]