Manic Wednesday?

Driving by

At least that’s what yesterday felt like. It was a long weekend for many in North America. Extra long for me as I took Tuesday off after the holiday Monday. I’m suffering from heavy eyes, a sore neck and sore knees. That’ll teach me to party like I’m still 19. But what fun! I’ve missed having him around and I didn’t even realise just how much I’ve missed him. I mean I knew I missed him but until we got to hang out again… I remembered just how much fun we have together.

We started off the weekend apart; he went to meet with his soccer boys on Friday night and I went out on a night on the town with a girlfriend. Cathy1 and I had a great time and it made me wish we had done it more often this summer. But I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time for that.

Saturday started off a pretty late surprise2 breakfast but we made it down to Niagara Falls in time for a moist walk around and a decent lunch. On the way back from Niagara we stopped off in Hamilton to meet up with Matt1 and hang out with some of his friends. We were meant to go out in Hess3 but I was too tired and wanted to go home – I’m not normally selfish but since I was driving us back, I was entitled to be a bit selfish.

We had planned to go watch the Yankees v the Blue Jays on Sunday, but as it turns out he read the schedule incorrectly. They were playing at Yankee stadium and not The Skydome4 so we just headed on down to the harbourfront to redeem our free harbour tour as offered by an old co-worker of ours. After our wonderful catch-up session on Lake Ontario, we headed on down to Harbour Sports Grille5 for a nostalgic lunch. We headed home to have a nap and some ‘pre-drinks’ before the big party at the Guvernment6. The party was amazing, but I can’t do that as often as I used to.

Monday was a bit of a write-off, I did some housekeeping while he lazed around the house. We slept intermittently. I went to my parents house to drop off some laundry and other things I knew I wouldn’t need for the rest of our stay here. We knew we wanted to reserve our energy for Tuesday.

We woke up early7 and headed down to the Outlet mall in Niagara. Luckily, they didn’t have that much great stuff so we didn’t end up spending a lot of money, but got enough that we didn’t feel like the trip was a waste. We then went off to visit sone wineries8. We got three wineries in, mostly because we didn’t get to do tours at each of them and then we headed off to meet my parents for dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant in Toronto.

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent[][]
  2. that he made for me[]
  3. the ‘party’ town in Hamilton[]
  4. it’s now called The Rogers Centre, but let’s face it: it’ll always be The Skydome[]
  5. aka Sol’s[]
  6. I didn’t mis-spell, they did[]
  7. earlier than he wanted to but I knew we’d take ages to actually get out of the house[]
  8. which I hope to write a whole other post on[]

Best friend

Central Park TrioWhat does it mean to be a best friend? It means sharing everything, right down to your last thoughts of the day. It means knowing that when you’re home on a Friday night, there will be someone available to call and invite over for a last minute movie. It means that no matter how stupid, you’ll know someone will listen to your whining.

Being someone’s best friend doesn’t mean thinking they’re the best person all the time. It doesn’t mean that you’ll always agree with them either. It doesn’t mean that you’ll always like her choice for a boyfriend. But it does mean that she can always count on you to1 be there for her.

As I grew older, I realised what I had been doing wrong all this time when looking for a ‘best friend’, I was looking for someone I could stand to be with at all times. Someone I’d never fight with, or have to fight with. But obviously, that’s impossible… being bestfriends is not about being able to avoid arguments, its still being there even after things take a turn for the worse.

We haven’t quite we’ve found each other yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ve already met. There are a few contenders, and I’m not limiting myself to one, I’m just glad I’ve finally realised what it means to be or have a bestfriend. I used to think it was as easy as growing up with someone and having something in common2 with them. But I now know that like anything that is worthwhile it requires work, dedication, and determination.

I’m sure there are many reasons my life has turned out the way that it has, and I’d like to think that the reason I focused so much on ‘boys’ when I was younger was because I wasn’t ready for a responsibility as big as keeping a bestfriend. I may be too ‘old’ to have come to this realisation, but I know I’m ready.

Do you have a bestfriend? How long have you been bestfriends? What makes that person your bestfriend? Will you be bestfriends forever?3

  1. really[]
  2. together[]
  3. tee hee sorry I couldn’t resist[]

Seeing things in a different light

We used to be friends of proximity. We lived in the same building (housing provided by each of our dads’ employers), and our parents were friends. But we were always so competitive with each other. At least, I remember being competitive with her… I guess in that sense, she was always my sister. As in, anything I had she had to have and vice versa. And so as I grew older, and especially through my rebellious stage, I disliked her.

But now that I’m older (and slightly wiser), I’ve come to realise that we are not that different. Albeit, I blossomed a lot earlier than she did (I blossomed a lot earlier and a lot of people). But she’s become this person I’m so proud to say that I know and even though (as per usual) she already has someone that she calls her bestfriend… I hope that she and I can always be friends.


Today I realised who it was that I was really missing in my life… and the sad thing is, they can’t be a close part of my life anytime soon because they live here in Dubai and I want to live in Ireland. The good news is, if I do decide to live in Dubai again I know my life would be pretty full. Except of course for a very minute, very humungous detail.

Actually, if anything… today showed me that because the girls and I can pick up where we left off so easily that it’ll be okay if I don’t see them again for another 10 years. Though I really hope it doesn’t come to that. I’ll recap more on this later. For now. Sleep!