Trickle down the road 2

It’s funny how you can form a bond with some people in a nano-second. Suddenly, there is this understanding; unspoken and raw. I met Christine Estima in March of this year when a dear mutual friend hosted an Oscar party. In all honesty, I was a little scared. She was animated, loud and also live-tweeting the show. I had seen it done but never in person. It was interesting […]

I should be jogging 2

I should be jogging but I’m feeling extremely reflective this Sunday Morning so I’m doing something I haven’t done in a long time – blogging! Life has taken on a wonderful turn. I’m living the perfect single life right now and I couldn’t be happier. I just checked with myself and I am not even as lonely as I thought I would be. The truth is, I have people. […]

Baby steps.. 1

I want to write but… I don’t want to write about work. I don’t have much to say about choir or any other activities. Everytime I sit down at the computer at home, I get really sleepy. The one thing that is pulling at my heart’s strings right now is something I am so sick and tired of writing about. So I’m hiding.

Yes. I am back.

I’ve missed being here. I’ve missed being me. And I can’t say that I’m back at 100% or that I will ever be. I gave a lot of myself to someone who1 didn’t deserve it, and some of it was stuff that you just can’t take back. So I’m working. I’m working on getting me back to me, and my life to being my life. Oh what a life. […]