A challenge in hair

I haven’t done as much planning ahead as my life usually requires of me, purely because my current job requires me to do so much planning my head explodes before the day is over that I don’t want to do it anymore. But once a year, there is something that occurs that is just so much fun1 when I plan things out just right. And so I have created a challenge for myself. What is this task, you ask?

I want to create this do (or similar enough):

From this mop of hair:

but without cutting it.

I only need it to last one night, and I’ve gotten some pretty good up-dos down since I started wearing my hair curly. I’m pretty confident I can do it, even though I haven’t a clue where to begin2. I can’t promise I’m going to keep a proper diary of my trials, but I can say that I want to. Let’s see how it all goes.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

  1. and more fun[]
  2. actually, I know I need to begin by curling my hair[]

Vote for the Queen of Hearts!

Well Halloween came and went, and while the costume making process lasted two weeks. The party only lasted a few hours. Needless to say it was worth it to have loads of people compliment me on my efforts. However I can still win something… BUT I need your help. You need to vote for me at the Superficially Gallery so I can win!

This was my entry:

So please VOTE for me! I’m listed as Fragileheart1!!

  1. der[]

Flickr Friday: Things that go bump in the night

For this Halloween edition, you’re getting a special treat1. Though the photo is fairly dark2, I thought that it added to the eerie quality that I was going for3.

Five years ago, I dressed up as Madonna while my bf4 dressed up as Elvis. It was quite a fun weekend, and this photo makes me long for the days that I can get two days out of a costume. I’ve been invited to many parties this year, but I’m not sure I have the funds nor the energy to go to more than 1 of them.

So far I’ll be going on the Little Ship of Horrors on the Friday night and haven’t planned on going anywhere on Saturday. I have some planning to do for my birthday5 and I have some money saving to do for my trip to Dublin for New Year’s.

Though this is an old photo, I’ve only recenly uploaded it into flickr because I didn’t think it was very artsy but I decided to make an exception for Halloween. I would have posted a photo of my costume this year, but I think I’ll save that for another time.

OT: The winners of the costume contest are…..((drumroll please))
Penny, Debbie, Laura, Lala, Ken, B, Linc, AsceticMonk, MikeC, Layne and Michael!
Thanks so much for playing my little game, credits are on their way! And since there are exactly 10 of no one has to wait until next week6.
Newly added winners: Beeker and Ate Maeyo!

And just to be sure, I was going for ‘Mother Nature’ but its evident that I’m not going for the traditional depiction of her so I think I’ll switch up a little bit and call my costume ‘Mother Earth’ instead. Though as he said when I mentioned it, ‘Potayto – Potahto’. So there you have it!

Enjoy your evening everyone! Be safe!

What are you doing for Halloween?

  1. being that you actually get to see my face in this photo[]
  2. nevermind the fact that I have a completely clear photo of this costume[]
  3. it being Halloween and all[]
  4. at the time[]
  5. I’m having a party on Saturday, Nov 8[]
  6. because of the credit transfer limit on entrecard[]

Let’s try this again: Halloween Costume – Take 2

I was a bit disheartened that so many people guessed ‘Robin Hood’ for my costume that I decided to get it mostly done up and try it again. I don’t want to be going to this party and have my costume be a failure and since you guys are so awesome at giving me feedback, here we go again!

You’ll notice that I’m wearing stockings instead of the brown tights, but I’m not so sure I want to wear them though I do think it looks better. The problem is the dress rides up too much at the back that if I get too drunk and forget, I may be mooning a lot of people1.

So, I still have these credits burning a hole in my entrecard pants’ pockets so I’d love if it you guys could try again and make some guesses!

Here are some notes:
– I eliminated some items from the previous photo because I wasn’t sure how I could work them in.
– I also have to put some stars in my hair that I couldn’t show in this picture.

Hints from the last post:

РThere is a twist, which has to do with age2.
– The socks are not for my feet.
– The boots are only black because they’re the only colour I have3.
– She has been on everyone’s minds of late…2.

What do you think my costume is? Also, be honest… do think this is a FaiLed attempt?

  1. Which may or may not fit since I could use a ‘moon’ in my costume[]
  2. new clue![][]
  3. I don’t want to wear heels that night[]