Flickr Friday: With each cough, my heart breaks just a little

This photo was taken at the same summer as this one, when my Parents and I went to Leslie Pitt to go cycling. I love these because its one of the many photos that reminds me of the great time that my parents and I had cycling around there. It also reminds me of a time when  my parents were less fragile1.

I got a dose of reality last year when both my parents went through surgery while I was living thousands of miles away. I was heartbroken but I couldn’t do anything about it. I wanted to rush home and be at each of my parents’ bedside for as long as they were in the hospital. But they wouldn’t even give me the number to the hospital because they didn’t want me to waste my money on phone bills.

Early last month my Mum caught a bug at school, she went home early and stayed home the following day; slept it off and naturally passed it on to my Dad. My Dad was already suffering from the allergies I was that caused him to cough quite a bit, and kept him up at night. My Mum healed within a day; my Dad on the other hand couldn’t sleep at all so he ended up getting so sick that he could barely move and had to stay home from work for two days.

Shortly afterwards he lost his voice. He is still without voice and coughing up lungs every other half hour. I got sick too, but I didn’t have to stay home from work a single day. Also, my cough is almost gone and its only been a week and a half.

My Dad has been to the doctor, who started him on antibiotics on Saturday but I haven’t noticed any improvement. He says he feels a little better, but I don’t feel like its good enough. Everytime I hear him coughing, I just want to rip my heart out so that it stops hurting. My Daddy is a strong, resilient man and he still goes to his garage to work on his friend/customer’s bike every day when we get home from work2. So he won’t complain that his life is hard or even feel sorry for himself… but I do.

I wish I could take it away and make him better with the snap of my finger… I know that it could be so much worse, but I guess I’m worried that if his cough doesn’t go away soon that it might get worse. And then what do I do?

*Sigh* I’m sorry for this whiny Flickr Friday, but I just really needed to get this off my chest. No question for you guys today, but feel free to share your stories that may3 relate.

  1. Oh, how I hate irony right now[]
  2. we work at different departments in he same company[]
  3. or may not[]

Flickr Friday: The end is near

Sun, lake and broken trees

No silly, not the end of the world. But the end of summer, anyway. This photo was taken in the summer of 2006, a few days before I was leaving my parents to follow my heart1. There’s an area in Toronto called Leslie Pitt, and it’s where my parents like to go cycling. They used to go cycling every weekend before my Mum had an operation on her knee. As a ‘you’re leaving us soon’ favour to my Dad I agreed to go with them. Naturally, I had the time of my life as I got to enjoy a beautiful area and go to take beautiful photos like this. There are many more in this set, but I didn’t upload all of them to flickr because they featured close ups of my parents.

I like this photo not just because it’s a nice sunset picture, but because it’ll forever remind me of that first summer I realised that I actually enjoy spending time with my parents. I think maybe this was one of the first days that we did something as three adults and it may have forever shaped the way our relationship developed once I returned home from living abroad.

Do you have a good relationship with your parents? When did you first realise you liked them as people, and not just as your parents?

  1. evidently, my heart was in Ireland[]

Instant favourite

Sun, lake and some broken tree trunks

As we were walking our bikes across the red bridge, and I stopped to take this photo… I instantly fell in love. And I guess people agree because as I was editing the titles and descriptions for my latest upload this photo already had 5 viewers! 😀 yay!