The fall

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love1 and the other day I missed the feeling. There is something so distinct about that feeling; like the warmest of hugs on a cold day, hugging you inside and out2.

The butterflies in your stomach3, the skip in your step, the ridiculous smile on your face, the feeling like you want to cry but laugh at the same time, the weight you no longer feel on your shoulders and -yes- even the tingle in your nether-regions that you feel when you think about that person or get a message from them.

The fall is different each time of course. Sometimes the fall is shallow4 and sometimes it runs so deep it makes you want to move mountains5. A fall doesn’t always mean you’re going to fall in love. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fall either. It’s nice to allow yourself to get excited about getting a message or call from someone who stirs the butterflies but so many of us get so jaded by each time we’ve been hurt. You are missing out by focusing on the negative.

I have been lucky in this life. Lucky enough to have been able to have fallen in love and in-infatuation many times and yes I’ve also had my share of heartbreak6 but each of those experiences has allowed me to appreciate the next fall that much more. I am a bit worried now, as I get older that I’m out of falls but then again after the most7 recent heartbreak8 maybe I’m coming up on my biggest fall yet9.

How do you feel about ‘the fall’?

  1. don’t feel bad for me, I’ve been lucky enough to fall many, many times in my life already[]
  2. ok that could give some of you a really awkward image but let’s just go with it ok?[]
  3. that bring a smile to your face – because there are the other kind of butterflies as well.. but we’ll talk about that another time[]
  4. infatuation[]
  5. or move yourself to another country[]
  6. you don’t really take on a name like fragileheart without knowing something about fragile hearts, you know?[]
  7. not-so[]
  8. which was actually the hardest one of all[]
  9. not that i have anyone in mind right now[]

responses to “The fall” 2

  1. I love that you used the term “nether regions”. Haven’t heard that since the 1950’s!
    But seriously, good luck with the falling. Can be a wild ride, but it’s almost always worth it.

  2. I’ve taken quite a different tack on “the fall”. I’ve avoided the relationships all together. Every since I was young, rejection, particularly by someone I had feelings for, was something that would be just too painful to face. I took a chance about 6 months ago and got rejected again. Just starting to feel normal. Just writing this down now is painful.

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