I loved The Philosopher Kings when they came out with their second album, “Famous, Rich and Beautiful” (I wasn’t in Canada when they came out with their first album (self-titled)) and have been eagerly waiting for their next album. Finally, this Tuesday February 14th (yeah yeah Valentines day PFFT :P) their fourth album, “Castles” will be realeased – and hopefully be delivered to my house the same day. Their single, “Castles” is already out and I’m so in love with it. Their sound is so classic… and his voice is just so enchanting. At least this way, I have something to look forward to for Valentines Day.

!!warning: story not fit for the squeamish!!

I was driving to school today and as I was passing some cars slowed down in the right lane because of mergers coming in from the merging lane, I saw something that almost made me cry. A guy was let in by someone else and he thanked them by flashing his hazard lights twice. I found it so adorable. See, I’ve only really seen this happen in Ireland (though I’m sure it happens elsewhere) and at first I started to laugh at how cute it was and how happy it made me. But then I started to sort of tear up… then another thought crossed my mind, “Man, I freakin’ hate PMS”. LOL I realized that I probably wouldn’t have been so happy to have seen that1 if it wasn’t that stupid time of the month that makes me all freakin’ emotional, cranky and gives me the worst headaches for an entire week.

Have a great weekend!!

  1. I still would’ve thought it was cute[]

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  1. Haha that doesn’t sound stupid – I guess I just hate this time because I do so well keeping my emotions at bay during the rest of the month… and around this time I’m such a basket case (especially when it’s been forever since I had a proper conversation with *him*) (shrug) oh well….

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