Wanting a new laptop

After installing my new protection system, my computer has slowed down loading everything from webpages to programs. And it’s frustrating. So now I want a new system… unfortunately, I still have about 2 years left on my term with Dell (and it’s already 2 years old!). But I’d still like to get some feedback from people who used to be PC users and have switched over to a Macs. I would love to get one because I’m convinced that I will forever be fiddling with graphics or photography and I know that Macs are meant to be better than PCs for that sort of stuff… but I’d really like to hear some real-life people’s thoughts.

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  1. Thanks Mark. I figured out a few changes I’ve been able to make with Norton to make things run a little more smoothly. It still crashes firefox when tabular browsing at odd times but it’s something I’ll just have to live with while I have the subscription since I paid for the year.

  2. I’d say stick with the PC route but, as with everyone who has an opinion on this, I’m biased. PCs are more flexible; you’re not tied to hardware; there’s more software options. Yes, there’s more that can go wrong with them but Macs are far too limiting. I saw a good spoof advert a little while ago comparing Macs and PCs where the PC is a top-of-the-range motorbike you can customise, tweak, add to, drive at incredible speeds, pop wheelies … and possibly crash and die if you go around a bend too fast. The Mac, on the other hand, is a tricycle. You can’t do much to it, it trundles along doing what it’s designed to do and it’s almost impossible to fall off. Are you a tricycle or motorbike person?

    Regarding your speed issues: Norton, McAfee, Symantec – any suite in fact – are all bloody awful in my opinion. They take over too many system resources, do too much, and cripple everything. A simple firewall (I use Kerio), a free virus scanner such as AVG or Avast, and fairly regular sweeps for anything else such as diallers (not a threat on broadband) and wasteful cookie clutter using ad-aware or similar software is more than good enough to keep your system running fine.

  3. Omar, can I still use my current version of Photoshop & Macromedia suite with Ubuntu? I tried reading it on their website but it’s too hard to find it. lol If you don’t know, I’ll search harder for the reading, but I thought I would ask you first. If I can use it, I will definitely be making the switch!

    CyberCelt, that’s the thing with Macs… I’d have to get new versions of all my programs… and I have a lot of them… so it’s hard to make the transition. Thanks for your input 🙂

  4. oh i should have read this before posting on the other thread.

    so yes, I got my own mac last September and can’t be happier with it. I had used mac a few times before and I liked it but didn’t know my way around. Once I got my own, everything seemed very intuitive and it was really easy to find my way around. I love how nothing in my mac crashes, and it does what I want it to do…

    I had used windows for about 10 years before this, and I’m very glad I got my mac.
    Definitely get one.

    For that dell you have… I would try some linux (Ubuntu definitely) and see how you like that… although many people don’t really do the switch to linux.

    Have fun!

    omar’s last blog post..And then again, it’s time for another Taekwondo tournament.

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