When it rains it pours…?

I went to fly last night with my good friends Jamie1, his boyfriend Bre, George1, his boyfriend Steve, and Jamie’s friend Scott for a monthly theme night they have called Dance Camp. It’s a fun fun night where all they place is diva or vocal house music. 😀 FUN times. And well, strangely enough… I got picked up! At a gay bar no less!

The only staight bartender in the place came up to me while I was dancing and goes, “Excuse me, are you gay or straight?”
“Oh Thank God!”
(We both laughed)

He then proceeded to invite me to visit him at the bar when I got the chance but I thought he invited me to meet his co-worker at the bar, so I followed behind him. (dork) But he seemed to find it cute rather than stupid, so I went with it.

It was a little weird, especially since I was already able to tell him the story of how I was living with someone, and how we broke up in April, that we were ‘not-together-together’ when he was here this summer and how it’s probably going to be the same thing again when I go to visit him next week. I dunno. I wasn’t sober while I was talking to him at the club, so I guess we’ll see how we get along when we go out Thursday.

I still can’t believe we’ve got 1 week till Christmas Day. Where on earth did this year go?! Maybe three years won’t take that long after all… (huh? What’s three years… oh nevermind!)

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent[][]

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  1. Hi there! I came here through Michelle’s blog… firstly, a big congratulations for finishing the exams! I could still remeber how relieved I was when I finished mine on the 1st of Dec… woohoo!

    Anyway, looks like you’re having a fun time over there. Lol, it is always raining over at my place and I am totally grounded at home… argh!

    Happy Early X’mas~! Please forgive me if I didn’t drop by your blog by X’mas day.

    Cheers 😉

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