Will this spam thing ever expire?

I’ve managed to escape email spam by switching to gmail; I’ve even managed to escape comment spam thanks to the wonderful Akismet (and choosing not to post about topics that attract the spambots) but how on earth am I getting spam in my facebook inbox?

I don’t want to go to your ‘hot new club’. I am not a 19 year old in desperate need of showing off my tight skin and various body parts I’d rather not mention. The problem is that an (old friend and now) acquiantance  of mine is an admin in the group for the entertainment companies sending the messages, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings so I don’t want to leave the group. But why can’t I opt out of the announcements?!

Sure I’m only in my late 20’s but I’ve had my share of clubbing, and I certainly don’t care to do it every weekend so I don’t need 20 facebook messages a day on it either. *sigh* I know I said I wouldn’t b!tch on this blog, but I couldn’t help it… I’m just so drained I couldn’t hold this one in.

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  1. Hehehe, i’ve been sick about that myself… i’ve tried some tricks now, like change my username, don’t show my pics and wrote a message at the wall board “DON’T NEED A GROUP INVITATION” like that…

    i still get a spam 😛

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  2. @Laura: I have that too, but for the most part I use facebook to keep in touch with people I know from the other countries I used to live. It has the best (and simplest) interface for all that. I’ve used friendster, multiply and even Bebo but facebook has a simplicity about it that I like – except that now the spam is everywhere!!

    @Trench: Myspace makes my eyes hurt! I wish they’d disallow people to mess with their page layouts!

    @Alfred: Myspace is good for people who like to showcase their music. Some people only have myspace sites and don’t even have a website anymore because there’s such a large congregation of musicians and music fanatics on there. And ugh, I completely forgot about the applications!!

  3. I never quite figured myspace out. facebook is better., its just getting a bit oo spammy hese days with all the silly applications going round

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  4. I was suckered into Facebook at the last place I worked. It’s awful. I still get a ton of junk in my inbox there and most of it from people I couldn’t possibly know but who think we are friends.

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